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Yes! We provide international shipping services to various regions through USPS. We strive to make our products accessible to customers worldwide. However, please note that our ability to ship to specific international locations may be subject to change at any time and for various reasons. If we determine that we are unable to ship to your country, we will promptly cancel your order and issue a refund.

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All items sizing's are detailed in the description and on body wear of the product can be seen in the product's photosdetails are in the item’s description.

There's a super easy fix to this answer. All of the links are adjustable and has a small opening in every link. Find the openings between each link and connect them back together. For Further instruction please see photo and video below.

All orders are shipped out within 7-10 business days. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is placed, and additional emails once your order is shipped and delivered.

As of 3/21/2024, We are relocating our business across the country, please bear with us as there may be delays in processing orders.****

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Best way to reach customer service is info@kitesice.com

Yes! We have a selection of different pendants and necklaces for you to chose which necklace or pendant you’d like to pair up together. And in the future when you buy new necklaces or pendants, all of Kites Ice designs are modular so they’re all able to link together and fit through any pendants!

We currently do not take custom orders but we will start taking select custom orders beginning of 2024!

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You can take care of your Kites Ice Jewelry by polishing and cleaning your pieces with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, similar to what you’d clean glasses with.

All of the links are adjustable and has a small opening in every link. Find the openings between each link and connect them back together.

Introducing our stunning plastic necklaces that are the perfect accessory to add a pop to any outfit!

Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, these necklaces are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The smooth surface of the plastic ensures that it won't irritate your skin, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Each piece is an handmade individual creation and any small inconsistencies of this process are apart of the uniqueness of the piece!